One of the tools that OLS recommends using is a blogging platform called Expressions. Expressions is a service that allows members of the SU Community to build a web site using WordPress.  WordPress is a widely used web publishing tool that is both well documented and supported.  With a SU Expressions WordPress site you can create a portfolio, a class or project blog, or a creative space with the style and content of your choosing. The service offered at SU is free and available to everyone who has a netid and a password. You are not limited in terms of what you upload to your site and you have all the capabilities that WordPress has to offer – including plugins and themes. There are individual expressions sites and there are department expressions sites, depending on your needs. Expressions is supported on campus by ITS and OLS and we offer training for all instructors and will even come into your classroom and show your students how to use expressions as well.

We have found Expressions to be a great tool for those instructors who would like their students to develop an online portfolio or want to give their students an online alternative to writing papers or using Powerpoint.

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