Engaging Your Class with Student Response Systems

Date: October 26, 2015

Time: 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Location: 1-231 CST

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Learn about different ways to integrate technology to engage students in the classroom! Student response systems can add an interactive element to your class, giving you and students multiple opportunities to check for understanding. This session will highlight different types of student response systems, including TurningPoint, Poll Everywhere, and Kahoot.

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Date: October 9, 2015

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Location: 046 ETC

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Technology of the Month

What is Office Mix?

Office Mix is a Microsoft add-in for PowerPoint that allows you to write over your PowerPoint presentations, record audio and video to place over presentations, and embed quizzes into your presentations. Office Mix only works with Microsoft Office 2013, but can be used on your tablet as well as on your computer.

How can I use Office Mix?

While writing over a PowerPoint presentation is a bit easier when using a tablet, it is convenient that you do not need a tablet in order to use the Office Mix add-in. On either type of device, just load your PowerPoint presentation, record audio and video (you can record just your audio if you’d rather not have your face in your presentations), and write and draw directly in your presentation.

When embedding quiz questions, you have the option to add feedback per question. This way, if students selected an incorrect answer you can help guide them in the right direction. Students are also able to see the results of each question they answered right after they have answered it.

When you’re finished, you can publish your finished product as an .mp4, or you can publish the video online. If published online, your video is private by default. You can choose who you share it with, and even require students to login to access the online video.

When your students are finished interacting with your video, you will be able to see results for each student with information about video views and students did on the quizzes.



How can I get immediate feedback from my students in my classroom while keeping them engaged?

For immediate feedback about student understanding, we recommend the use of a student response system. Student response systems allow instructors to ask a question and track immediate responses from students.

Student response systems are often used to:

  • Maintain students’ attention during a lecture
  • Promote active student engagement
  • Promote discussion and collaboration during a class
  • Check for student understanding
  • Teach in a way that adapts to the immediate learning needs of students

At Syracuse University, we support the TurningPoint student response system. TurningPoint allows instructors to:

  • Gauge the comprehension in the classroom
  • Administer a poll
  • Help students review for an upcoming assessment
  • Manage polling participants, content, session data, and generate reports
  • Allow polling from hand-held clickers or web-enabled devices
  • Integrate polling with PowerPoint presentations

Learn more about integrating TurningPoint into your classroom at answers.syr.edu.