Online Learning Services (OLS) is one of a handful of groups on the Syracuse University campus whose sole purpose is to support faculty. With a focus on teaching and learning outcomes, OLS consults with faculty to offer face to face and online resources in an effort to extend the traditional classroom or move classes online.

Instructor Support

OLS helps faculty, staff and students involved in the academic mission of the university to integrate information technology and instruction through researching and consulting on new developments in IT, as well as by providing resources, support, and training to instructors throughout the university. Online Learning Services can help you integrate instructional technology tools and practices into your courses.

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Thank you for all of your help. I have LOVED doing the presentations online. It has really benefited both instructional time and student comprehension…it has been tremendous. THANK YOU FOR ALL of YOUR HELP!
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Latest Online News

By Rhea Kelly, Campus Technology George Washington University, Southern Illinois University and Workcred, a nonprofit affiliate of the American National Standards Institute, are teaming up to build a “credential registry” that would increase the transparency and value of industry credentials and degrees. The registry “will allow users to easily compare the quality and value of workforce [...]


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