Formed in the Summer of 2010, Online Learning Services is committed to assisting faculty enrich their teaching environment through the adoption of appropriate technologies. With a focus on teaching and learning outcomes, OLS consults with faculty to offer campus-wide resources as well as online resources in an effort to extend the traditional classroom or move their classes to the web. In many cases, the Information Technology and Services Department has a solution to meet the demands of instructors and students. OLS can also act as an agent for any faculty member to utilize these resources as well as find out what new technologies might play a role in the instructor’s methodology. “We help faculty navigate what seems to be a jungle of web applications and work right along side of them to build an online environment that meets their personal goals with special attention to the needs of the modern student.” Although technology is more ubiquitous than ever, the instructor continues to be the most influential factor in the quality of instruction. OLS provides a network of support for instructors in the online environment and welcomes the opportunity to discuss these challenges with experienced and new faculty.


The seminar itself was well-run. The presenters involved the audience by asking us if anyone used these tools already, and what we use them for. This allowed the instructors to share their insights with one another. I have attended several presentations by this Blackboard crew, and I find them to be engaging, professional, and efficient.
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by Laura Bradley, Edutopia What if we asked our students questions (straight from our curriculum), and then we let them, in groups and with the internet, find the answers themselves? That’s what Dr. Sugata Mitra suggests might motivate and inspire students to learn and teach one another on their own, without adult interference. Winner [...]


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