Who We Are

The SU Digital Scholarship Space (DSS) is a workshop, laboratory, and classroom space designed for the study and creation of digital artifacts and experiences. 

The DSS is designed to maximize flexibility in response to emerging digital practices. It supports software design, game study and development, statistical analysis and data visualization, digital mapping, and digital humanities projects across a variety of disciplines. It is equipped and staffed by ITS with high-end computers attached to large-format displays and virtual reality platforms. It hosts a broad range of software with the ability to install new and experimental software packages quickly upon request. With gaming, game studies, and game design as central considerations, the DSS makes available a variety of computer gaming platforms, including current and legacy machines. 

The DSS is a collaborative academic space facilitated by ITS that draws on partnerships from across campus. It is hosted in room 458 of Bird Library to maximize access for faculty and students from across the university. The location gives users easy access to the Library’s media collections, to the Special Collections Research Center, and experts on Geographic Information System (GIS) and Numeric Data Resources. Additional resources for designing and building physical components of projects are available in the SU MakerSpace.

The DSS includes a room for classes, meetings, presentations, and screenings for up to 25 participants, with an adjacent space for play, development, and study. The furniture and much of the equipment is easily moved to accommodate a variety of collaborative working scenarios.

The DSS is available for all campus users to book events and course meetings on topics that take advantage of DSS technology and services. The space hosts open lab hours for students to complete homework and work on projects. Registered members can apply to have access during extended hours. We welcome proposals for enhanced functionality as part of academic projects.

The classroom section of the DSS.
The lab section of the DSS.