D.S.S. Spotlight: “Teaching Technology”: WRT307 Students explore Instructional Writing

Students enrolled in Professor Christina Feikes’ professional and technical writing course recently completed a unit examining the genre of instructional writing. The Digital Scholarship Space(D.S.S.) is spotlighting students that used the interactive space for their projects.

What was your project?

For our instructions, I will be creating a video to teach someone how to use a camera stabilizer. To use a camera stabilizer a high attention to detail is required. The camera should be perfectly centered over the stabilizer. In order to get good results and improve our projects, the class created usability reports and tested a randomly selected sample in class on how they interpret the instructions. This process allowed students to take down notes on their subjects and take your instructions back to the drawing board for improvement.

How did you use the D.S.S.?

Camera stabilizer.
Camera stabilizer.

The room we used in Bird not only had space for me to sit and show other students my video but also had enough space within the digital side of the D.S.S. to demonstrate the use of the camera stabilizer. In order to stabilize the camera a decent amount of space is necessary. The D.S.S. was created for interactive activities which we inferred due to all of the virtual reality equipment. I was able to use the space to let others being tested stabilize the camera themselves. Room around the users is required because one has to let the rig fall and adjust. Without this space, several people in the course would have not had enough space to test their projects in a classroom setting.


About the author: James Rudman is a Junior at Syracuse University studying Information Management & Technology in the School of Information Studies.