“Good Sport”: WRT307 Students Explore Instructional Writing

Students enrolled in Professor Christina Feikes’ professional and technical writing course recently completed a unit examining the genre of instructional writing. The Digital Scholarship Space(D.S.S.) is spotlighting students that used the interactive space for their projects.

What was your Project?

Man juggling soccer ball.
Soccer ball juggling.

My project was to instruct my fellow classmates on how to properly and efficiently juggle a soccer ball. Using guided instructions, my goal was to explore and convey the ease behind learning a new skill, including juggling a soccer ball! Although it may seem difficult, anyone can accomplish this task with persistence and minor practice. I used the size of the space to spread to show my testers how to properly juggle in a very confined space. During my test runs, we made sure to secure all the expensive equipment away to ensure nothing was damaged accidentally.


How did you use the D.S.S.?

The D.S.S. within Bird Library was certainly an eye-opening experience. Even though a smaller space, the technology within the room was absolutely breathtaking! Seeing an Xbox, PS4, and VR systems all in one spot was truly an amazing sight. The whole layout of the room was very articulate, and the tables were placed uniquely allowing for maximum working efficiency. In the future, I hope to visit this space to check out some of the gaming consoles and other technologies outside of the classroom setting. I see a bright path for the functionality of this dedicated space within Bird. Whether being used my classes for various tasks, gaming, more! The space will certainly be incredibly useful, a great community resource, and beneficial towards students.


About the author: Marten Sakharny is a Junior at Syracuse University studying Information Management & Technology in the School of Information Studies.